Friday, April 22, 2011

Life's too interesting for a snack that isn't. . . .

I confess. . . .

*  I could never fit in to a snooty book club.

*  You know the ones where the books are like 700 pages and they get together and talk about symbolism
and crap.

*  Yeah THOSE ones.

*  Give me my Anita Stansfield, 256 pages of a handsome rouge man falling in love and doing good deeds.

*  I read to relax and be entertained, I don't want to have to think too hard.
*  Last night I had the best dream about a handsome stranger.

*  He had very warm inviting eyes and I felt like I would marry him.

*  Somehow in the dream ( I don't remember how ) I found out his name was Dave McInnes.

*  I don't know anyone of that name but at least now I know where to start my search for my soul mate

*  So let me know if you find him.

*  I've never even heard of someone with the name McInnes.

*  Is that even a real name???

*  No more PB Twix before bed!


  1. I would never fit in either! Love the dream and those twix look amazing!!

    Have a great friday!

  2. I've tried the book club thing....I didn't get it either. Oh well.... *sigh*
    Love your blog...
    I'll be back :)

  3. I like book groups, but they have to be the kind where we discuss the book and then sit around and gossip and eat snacks,

    Also I don't know a Dave McInnes, but I have heard the name McInnes before - I used to work with a Diane McInnes.

    Check him out.

  5. I found a few with that name on fb as well. Get looking ;)

  6. I was going to tell you the same thing Bethany did... You should rent the movie "Only YOu" with Marrisa Tomei and Robert Downy Jr.